Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday's clean up in support of North Carolina Fall Big Sweep was a huge success. The river gave up almost 1300 pounds of garbage today thanks to all of your hard work. Findings included the usual suspects such as plastic drink bottles, styrofoam cups, and tires as well as the more exotic shopping carts, refrigerator doors, plastic barrels and sheets of plywood with shingles still attached.

Students from several area schools including White Oak, Camp Lejeune, Southwest, New Bridge Middle, North Side, Coastal Carolina Community College and others joined in to make the day a success. Marines from Supply School at Camp Johnson also pitched in to lend a hand.

The New River Foundation was very happy to have Sturgeon City as a partner in this event. We look forward to future joint ventures between our organizations.

All of you who participated did an outstanding job and deserve the gratitude of those who enjoy the benefits of your labor. Moms and Dads thank you for all you did to make sure your sons and daughters were able to participate in this great event.

We are especially grateful to some local businesses that really helped make this day a success. Food was provided by A Slice of New York at 137 Marine Blvd and New York Pizzeria at 2040 Wilmington Highway. Thanks to Bob Beck and the Marina Cafe for allowing us to launch from your site and supporting our facility requirements on such short notice. You are always there to support our efforts on the river.

To all of you in the community who provided support for this effort the Foundation is grateful. Without the support of the community, efforts like this are impossible. To find opportunities to volunteer in the future, please visit our website and view our calendar of upcoming events. Volunteers are always needed and welcome!

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