Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Volunteers Needed

Friends and neighbors,

The New River Foundation will begin work on two new programs in the near future. We have signed on to assist the Waterkeeper Alliance with monitoring waste from hog operations in the White Oak River Basin and we are also a part of the Muddy Water Watch project. We are currently seeking volunteers to work with these projects.

Volunteers for the hog monitoring project will work with our Riverkeeper to monitor 10 hog operations in the area. Volunteers will work in teams to collect water samples from creeks, streams and other waterways near hog farms in the White Oak River Basin. Training will be provided for those who wish to volunteer. Volunteers will learn proper methods for collecting samples and filling out field data sheets. Volunteers taking water samples and conducting field reports need to be available to accomplish specific monitoring tasks at least twice a month. A typical monitoring visit would not take more than an hour or two including travel time.

We are in desperate need of pilots to work with trained volunteers to photograph designated farm operations.

The Muddy Water Watch project is a state-wide initiative involving all seven North Carolina Riverkeepers. Our goal is to reduce stormwater runoff from construction sites and to improve compliance with the North Carolina Sedimentation Pollution Control Act of 1973. Through the use of training, investigation, and study, this project will highlight the most effective means to stem the tide of silt-laden runoff from construction sites that is polluting our sources of drinking water, degrading North Carolina’s waterways, and harming aquatic life. We will provide training workshops and materials for volunteers to teach them how to identify problem areas and how to effectively report them.

To learn more about Muddy Water Watch read the article in the Sediments Newsletter or go to http://www.muddywaterwatch.org/.

We are seeking 40-45 volunteers to assist with these projects. If you are interested please contact us by calling (910) 937-0877 or emailing memberservices@newriverfound.org. You can also volunteer online at our website. Please contact your friends and neighbors and invite them to help us all do some good for our community.

Jim Simpson
Board Chair
New River Foundation
Board of Directors